All of Us Schools Campaign Resources

The All of Us Schools Campaign resources are bespoke lesson plans, specially created to be used alongside our films. The themes covered in the teaching materials for All of Us and All of Our Shadows directly link to areas of the National Curriculum.

Lesson plans for All of Our Shadows are available through our Lesson Plan section. Lesson plans and resources for All of Us are coming soon.

We value your feedback on the materials provided and suggestions of additional teaching resources. To get in touch, please email:

All of Us
Years 4 to 7

The All of Us education programme is more than just an award-winning film. The education programme activities, which can be accessed through this website, extend the theme of the film. This enables your pupils to relate the film to the world in which they live, and to open their eyes to the fact that together, your pupils and school community can make a positive difference to their society.

Our bespoke teaching materials are particularly suitable for years 4 to 7. All the materials have been provided in an adaptable format to enable you to work with the needs of your class and within the ethos of your school.

The themes covered in the workshops can link directly to areas of the National Curriculum, Fundamental British Values, SMSC, Relationships Education, PHSE and cover topics such as prejudice, bullying, conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

All of Our Shadows
Year 7 Upwards

The animated film All of Our Shadows could not have come at a more appropriate time. Schools are now addressing well-being issues that we wouldn’t have thought possible a couple of years ago.

The thought-provoking All of Our Shadows educational programme addresses the issues highlighted in the film in an age-appropriate fashion. This multifaceted programme is closely linked to areas of the secondary school curriculum.

Access to the programme, through this website, is set out in a teacher friendly way enabling you to make it bespoke for your school. The colour-coded curriculum links allow you to address specific topics through a variety of educational activities including speaking and listening, art, drama and social interaction. This educational program used in collaboration with the All of Our Shadows film addresses the issues that our young people are facing on a daily basis.

All of Us Schools Campaign Resources – Lesson Plans

All of Us Schools Campaign Workshops have taken places cross England, working with thousands of students. Teachers are able to recreate the workshops in their own school themselves using our bespoke training materials and lesson plans. To access the lesson plans and resources, please click here:


Navigating the resources

All of Our Shadows

Acknowledging that there will be a wide range of teaching and timetableing differences between schools, the All of our Shadows teaching resources and activities have been arranged as a flexible programme, which can be tailor made for your students.

Under the headings of PHSE and English, we have focused on three key themes for each subject area. These have been colour coded in blue, orange and pink.

Relevent curriculum skills developed in the All of our Shadows programme have been identified and given the appropriate colour coding, linking them with the key themes.

Therefore, if your teaching focus is Spoken Language all the assocoiated activity instructions will be colour coded the same colour – Blue. Just click on the blue activity box of your choice and it will take you directly to the correct activity page with instuctions for the teacher.

You will now be able to build your own bespoke series of lessons suitable for your school and your students.

If you would like any advice on using the resources or structuring your teaching programme, please email us to get in touch with our Education Consultant.

Resources for All of Us will be coming soon…